Gigavex 4K Active Fibre HDMI Cable, 18Gbps, HDR, 50m

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High quality 4K 60fps 18Gbps 50m Hybrid Fibreoptic cable with micro HDMI and standard HDMI ends. Interchangeable connectors for DVI and right angle HDMI available. Blue/Black nylon outer braid. Shipped in environmentally friendly packaging with NO PLASTIC.
SKU: 5060845290092
Key Features:

  • Lossless video transmission over fibre
  • Removable ends for easy cable routing through conduit
  • Interchangeable ends for DVI and right angle HDMI
  • Sub one frame, near zero latency
  • Environmentally friendly zero plastic packaging


Cable Characteristics:

Connector material Zinc Alloy plate
Cable material PVC with nylon braid outer
Fibre internal standard 50/125um multimode
Connector Gold Plated
Connector Type Micro HDMI (D) HDMI (A), DVI

Video Specifications:

Max Data Rate 18Gbps
Max Frame Rate 60FPS
HDCP Support 2.2
Resolution Support 2160p60 4K, UHD60 4K, 1080p60, 720p60


Carton Cardboard
Connector Protection Paper
Tie Wraps Reusable Nylon Hook & Loop