Konftel BT30

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The Konftel BT30 is a USB 2.0 adapter designed to optimize wireless Bluetooth® connection for wideband audio in Konftel conferencing applications. Compatible with Konftel 70 and Konftel 800. The BT adapter also works with Konftel 55Wx* and Konftel Ego, but with a shorter wireless range.

Contents: Konftel BT30, Quick Guide, Important Notice
Size: LxWxH: 35.3 x 18 x 8.20mm
Weight: 4.15
Color: Black
Product documentation: Quick Guide in English
Warranty: 2 years
Range, wireless: 30m (Class 1)
Connections: USB2.0, Bluetooth 4.0
Power: USB2.0, 500mA

* = Knowledge base article